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6 Steps to Succeeding in Romantic Relationships

6 Steps to Succeeding in Romantic Relationships

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  1. I Breathe
  2. I Connect to my Higher Power: HP is with me ALL the time walking side by side with me!
  3. I Listen and Respond.  I Trust Inner Guidance: I do what my body and mind together, with HP’s guidance say to do!  I TRUST THIS!
  4. I Am Honest
  5. I Courageously Choose what I want to do
  6. I act Responsibly, Self-Responsibly.  I am successful in romantic relationships because I come from my center, act self-responsibly and am an adult in relationships

And, “Patience Pays,” as Yogi Tea so eloquently said to me the other night through a tea tag!


Sarah 🙂

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