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Dance Classes with Sarah Haykel in Buffalo NY

Dance came into my life at the age of 16 after I went through a  traumatic time in my early teens.  It was a huge source of healing, self-expression, release, and freedom.  I’ve learned more about myself and how to be in better relationships through Salsa dancing and free form body movement than I have in all my years of school, and I mean this!  It’s my goal to support you to love yourself, feel good in your body, listen to your own inherent wisdom, and share that unique gift you are here to share through dance and body movement.   It is my pleasure to support you on your journey to live a life full of Juicy Goodness and to be Free to Be all of you!

Mission of Salsa for the Soul:

Salsa for the Soul is a Latin dance based company whose goal is to provide you with fun, technically savvy, educational, culturally enriching Latin and Salsa dancing classes that can improve your life and enhance your relationships and emotional intelligence on and off the dance floor through using tools to support your own personal growth and self empowerment.
<span>, Dance Student</span>
"My boyfriend and I took private salsa lessons from Sarah in the fall of 2014.  It was a gift from my boyfriend to me, and I was pretty apprehensive going into the first lesson.  It didn’t take long before I realized that all of my anxiety was for nothing; Sarah is amazing!  Every lesson with her was a fantastic learning experience and so much fun!"
- Daphne Wyse, Dance Student

Wanna Learn Salsa Dancing?

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Latin Partner Dance Classes for Beginners

Dance with us this fall!

Beginner Latin Partner Dance and

Salsa Dancing Classes Start Sept. 10th!

Want to learn Salsa dancing (and Bachata and Merengue) too?

Now’s your chance!  Take advantage of our Latin Partner Dance Class for Beginners, singles and couples welcome. Up your game on the dance floor while connecting with your partner or others in a special, fun, and rich learning environment.

In this beginners class, you will learn the basics of partnering technique, style, body movement, foot work, and partner moves in Merengue, Bachata, and Salsa dancing.

This class is perfect for strict beginners to those with experience, but who’ve never taken a formal Latin partner dancing class.  Come learn the necessary foundational technique that will turn a night of horrible dancing into the most amazing experience you’ve ever had!  We welcome couples that want to stay with each other throughout the class. We also welcome singles, as we can rotate partners.

Perfect for couples.  Singles also welcome!  (Singles are highly encouraged to sign up with a friend they can partner with during the class to ensure they get to dance for the whole class).

ENROLLMENT OPEN for New Session of Latin and Salsa Dancing Class:

When: Mondays, September 10th – October 22nd (No class Oct. 1st)

Time: 6:30pm

Cost: 6 Week Class Pass, $99 per person

Where: Yoga Parkside, Parkside Lutheran Church, Dance Studio, 2 Wallace Ave. Buffalo, NY.  Enter front red doors to the left, go downstairs and to the right.

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<span>, Dance Student</span>
"Sarah, thanks so much. The classes were fun and a great initiation into the world of Latin dancing. And you were wonderful. It was a much more well-rounded experience than I had expected. Thank you."
- Deb C., Dance Student

    Registration Open, Enroll Today!

    Latin Partner Dance Classes Level 2!

      Registration Open, Enroll Today!

      Level 2 Latin Partner Dance and Salsa Dancing Class for Advanced Beginners!

      Are you ready to up your dancing game with more Salsa dance lessons?

      You’ve been learning the basics of Latin and Salsa dancing.  So, are you ready to take it to the next level?  If so, this class is perfect for you!  

      This Level 2, 6 week partner dance class, will focus on more in depth partnering technique, style, body movement, foot work, and partner moves in Salsa dancing, specifically.

      You must have 3 months of prior Latin, partner, and salsa dancing experience or have taken our beginners six week session in order to enroll in the Level 2 session.  

      This class is perfect for advanced beginners and intermediate dancers wanting to brush up on essential foundational technique in Latin and Salsa dancing.

      We welcome couples that want to stay with each other throughout the class. We also welcome singles, though singles are highly encouraged to sign up with a friend they can partner with during the class to ensure they get to dance for the whole class.

      New Session of Latin and Salsa Dancing Class:

      When: No current Level 2 class is scheduled.  If you’re interested in a Level 2 class, please Contact us here to book your private lesson or event!  Thank you.  You can also Click here to sign up for our email list and be the first to know about our summer events and new fall dates for group classes!


      Cost: 6 Week Class Pass, $99 per person

      Where: Yoga Parkside, Parkside Lutheran Church, Dance Studio, 2 Wallace Ave. Buffalo, NY.  Enter front red doors to the left, go downstairs and to the right.


      <span>, President, USA Dance, Western New York Chapter #3013</span>
      "Thank you so much for coming out and instructing a lesson in Bachata, with Jerome Williams, at our Western New York Chapter #3013 USA Dance, Monthly Chapter Dance. You gave a very detailed lesson, that was greatly enjoyed by our group of approximately 65 individuals. You easily engaged this mixed group of college age through senior aged individuals very well, and everyone genuinely seem to be having a lot of fun!  Later on, I heard dancers talking about the origins of the dance, that you had relayed as you and Jerome instructed. Your instruction at our dance was truly enriching and highly enjoyed by all. I would strongly recommend your dance instruction to both novice and more advanced dancers.  Thank you for supporting the activities of the Western New York Chapter of USA Dance!"
      - Andrea Drumm, President, USA Dance, Western New York Chapter #3013

      NEW! Couples Therapeutic Dance: Contact me for upcoming dates!

      We'll Explore

      • How to properly touch and hold each other in the closed partner dancing position
      • How the follower follows the lead through receptivity, intuition, and connecting within their own body
      • How the lead appropriately and successfully leads the follower in a way that feels great and amazing for you both!

      Nurture and grow your relationship!

      Deepen and build a meaningful and connected relationship through the art and language of dance.

      Join Sarah in a therapeutic dance class just for couples where you will explore heightening connection, healthy communication, and increased closeness through partner dancing, sensual body movement, life coaching, and mindfulness practices.

      *This class is perfect for couples who are want to carve out some special one on one time together and learn new relationship enhancing tools in the process. This class can also be a great addition to couples who are already in therapy together, though it is not designed to replace traditional couples therapy.

      Sensual Body Movement for Women: Reconnect with your Femininity

      Hey Radiant Goddess (yes, I’m talking to YOU!)

      I want you to take a moment to reflect on how you be in the world.

      How much do you desire to connect with your femininity?

      How ready are you to love all of yourself fully?

      Re-connect with yourself and the divine feminine essence inside of you through Sensual Body Movement.  This class combines free form movement and dance from throughout the world, meditation, yoga, and life coaching to connect you with yourself and your body consciously. In this class you will explore Latin dance steps, free form movement, floor, wall and chair dancing, and mindfulness meditation.  You will practice game changing exercises in empowerment that have the capcity to increase self-love, self-care, healthy pelvic tone, pleasure potential, and loving connection with your own self and body.

      Perfect for the complete beginner to seasoned dancers, this class is about learning how to be in your body from an empowering, sensual, and aligned place.  Come join us in an exploration that will light your fire and turn you on to your greatest gift: you!

      Beginners are welcomed and encouraged to join us. The goal is to create a safe space for you to open up, connect with others, and, most of all, connect with yourself!


      1.5 hours to full day workshop.  Class passes are non-refundable or transferrable.  

      What People Are Saying:

      <span>, Owner of Inspiration Point, Buffalo, NY</span>
      "I took your Sensual Body Movement class.  It was so powerful. Thank you for that.  I am forwarding you the newsletter of events planned at Inspiration Point.  Have you been to Inspiration Point?  Did you know I took over the store in October?  Your class was one of the many empowering experiences that helped me to become prepared for the role am in.  You offer something special and Amazing for Buffalo women and men.  Thank you."
      - Claire Gay, Owner of Inspiration Point, Buffalo, NY
      <span>, SBM Student</span>
      "It’s the missing piece of my femininity.  This is something that’s missing in our culture.  And the best part about it is that it’s ongoing.  I can keep taking the class!"
      - Jennifer Russo, SBM Student


      LADIES, get ready to...

      • Reconnect with your Femininity
      • Connect with the Power of Being a Woman
      • Reconnect with Yourself
      • Re-claim your Sexuality
      • Embrace your Divine Femininity

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      Elder Care Facility Events and Performances

      <span>, Administrator Dosberg Manor and Garden House, Weinberg Campus</span>
      "I have been so pleased with Sarah, who comes to provide us with our energetic exercise program, twice a week. Sarah brings her positive energy and motivational words to all our residents who participate and we see residents who have never participated in activities looking forward to her group sessions. Sara combines music, movement and inspiration ending her sessions with what residents are grateful for. She quickly learned each residents name and positively reinforces them throughout her session. She is such a wonderful addition to our home environment. I would highly recommend Sarah.

      I asked Sarah to join us at Garden House, which is a smaller home environment with frail elderly residents who have memory impairment. Sarah’s energy and bright personality quickly attracted residents at Garden House and she gets large group participation in both sessions that she runs. It has been a real hit. Sarah is just wonderful and I would highly recommend her."

      - Dana Notaro, Administrator Dosberg Manor and Garden House, Weinberg Campus

      Working with Seniors is a transformational joy!

      • We offer other types of events for elder care facilities as well which include other styles of movement, yoga, mindfulness meditation, and performances.
      • You’ll be sure your residents will be in for a real treat!

      Contact Sarah today!

      Click here to read a blog I wrote about a recent event that changed my whole look on life!

      A few years ago, I was driving by a residential building for elders and thought, “I’d like to spend some time with the elders in our community.”

      A couple years later, I had my first event: The History of Latin Dance, in a elder care facility.

      It was an instant hit!

      This first event brought me a life transforming surprise.

      Click here to read all about my experience with Abram that changed my life!

      It’s been 2 1/2 years since my meeting with Abram, and things are evolving.  Now, we have more of a Dance Party than anything, where seniors get to move, wiggle, shake, connect with care givers, family members and each other in new ways, hear music from all over the world, and enjoy my dancing and that of my dance partners!

      Sarah’s Mission:

      To uplift, empower and inspire the elders of our communities through movement, song, dance, education and cultural immersion.

      “Adding an uplift to the residents of elder care facilities by bringing  more joy to this next phase of their lives and sparking their own inspiration adds great joy and fulfillment to my life.  The wisdom that these residents hold is enormous and they have so much more to offer in this life!  I leave each event feeling transformed in every way.  I’m so grateful for this work!”

      Below is a beautiful short film about the power of music with elders:

      What People Are Saying:

      Chakra Dance Tune Up

      Tune Up Your Body!

        Reach out to Sarah for more details

        Awaken, Align, and Ignite your body’s natural energy.

        Connect with yourself with meditation through movement.

        Awake, Align, and Ignite the natural energy system of your body through a free form movement meditation called Chakra Dance Tune Up.  Through movement, that expresses and correlates with the seven main energy centers in the body, called chakra’s, and music, that vibrates at the frequency of each chakra, we will tone up, tune into, clear, and rebalance the natural energy system of the body.  Perfect for those looking for a fun way to meditate and who want to feel more connected with themselves and their body.

        Be sure to grab your FREE Chakra Tune-Up video!

        1.5 hours to full day workshop

        What People Are Saying:

        <span>, Dance Student</span>
        "I just want to tell you how much I was moved by what I got from just one class!  I have been in such a heavy period in my life for the past year and my spiritual connection to my Universal Being has really been blocked. Being able to visualize the open communication, the back and forth of giving and receiving in just that moment, was nothing short of amazing. I felt the weight of whatever was holding me down lift.  I believe in the power of dance, art,  and movement…I am so honored and humbled by the service that you are giving to women. Thank you for being such a powerful vessel, and allowing yourself to used in a way that is so positive and uplifting."
        - Kiesha Cheatham-Mashtaire, Dance Student

        Individual Dance Lessons

        Private lessons in Couples Salsa Dancing and Sensual Body Movement are available for soon-to- be wedded couples, new couples and long time partners, friends, and groups.

        Please contact Sarah to the right for more information.

        45 min – 3 hours.  Single lessons and Packages available

        What People Are Saying:

        "I invited Sarah Haykel to the studio to teach a Salsa class. I wanted my students to experience another teacher and one that would help them feel free and good about their bodies. She was a delight and very talented. Loved her presentation, demonstrations, combos and her encouragement. I know my students enjoyed her class and I would definitely have her back again. She truly is a great performer and teacher."

        Ask Sarah About Private Dance Lessons Today!

          Contact her now for more information

          University and in School Dance Classes

          Invest In Creative And Cultural Awareness Education

            Contact Sarah today to find out more information

            Dancing with our youth in school and after school programs is a great joy and gift!

            Classes are offered for grades 5-12 and University level students. Bring Sarah in to teach The History of Latin Dance, to increase cultural awareness at your school during Hispanic Heritage Month, Life Skills through Partner Dancing, to increase communication, teamwork, and harmony between your students and within your faculty and staff, or for Dance for Health and Wellness, where she will teach a fun, exercise based dance class drawing from hip-hop, W. African, Latin, and free form dance and body movement to keep your students healthy and lit up at school.

            45 minutes – 4 hours

            What People Are Saying:

            <span>, Director, Multicultural Affairs at Hilbert College</span>
            "Salsa for the Soul and Sol y Sombra came to Hilbert’s campus during our Multicultural Dinner and rocked the house.  Students, Staff, and Faculty had a great time learning about Latin culture while listening and dancing to the music. I highly recommend them to anyone seeking to engage their campus community with fun and education."
            - Dr. Tara Jabbaar-Gyambrah, Ph.D., Director, Multicultural Affairs at Hilbert College
            <span>, Advisor, International Student Office, D’Youville College</span>
            "Sarah does a great job in engaging her audience. Her performances are always energetic, fun and educational. It’s wonderful for our students to learn the historical and cultural context of her dances."
            - Ann Soares, Advisor, International Student Office, D’Youville College
            "This was the first time we held a salsa dancing class at our school and it was very successful, so much so that the students asked if we could do it again at least once every year.  It’s a great way to teach kids other ways of dancing and relating together.  Sarah was very accommodating and enthusiastic in helping us plan the event and she and her assistant teachers gave their all to over 90 students and teachers while they were here.  I would definitely recommend her to come to your school."
            - Jeannine Scibilia & Brain Winger


            Corporate Dance Lessons

            “She was the perfect performer to get people moving with all of her energy and enthusiasm.”

            Bring Sarah into your business or corporation to teach fun, multicultural team building and health and wellness programs and classes for your employees.  Spice up any meeting or event with a Latin dance class or performance (which could include live music).  And, support greater wellness, harmony, and productivity in the workplace by providing weekly or seasonal dance classes for employees.  Contact Sarah here for more information.

            What People Are Saying:

            "Sarah once came to our company’s Diversity Event at my previous job, to teach us salsa and it was such a hit!  Now with a different company, I decided to invite Sarah to our annual company formal to teach salsa, merengue and bachata to 600 of our employees and guests, and everyone had such a great time! It was the perfect addition to our program. This was something many have not tried before, and I was surprised to see them just embrace the experience and have so much fun with it.  And those who opted not to dance had just as much fun watching their colleagues do it!  Sarah and her partner Jerome made it so comfortable and easy, it felt like we were just dancing in our living room with our closest friends. Thank you Sarah for such a great experience!  I look forward to doing more of these again in the future!"
            <span>, Licensed Creative Arts Psychotherapist, Change Coach/Consultant</span>
            "Sarah Haykel performed and then instructed a short dance lesson for participants of the 5th Anniversary Expressive Arts Therapy Summit Gala in NYC in November of 2014.  She was the perfect performer to get people moving with all of her energy and enthusiasm. Sarah’s participation was an inspiring piece of what made the Summit 5th year Birthday Celebration a great success!"
            - Linda Turner, LCAT, ATR-BC, Licensed Creative Arts Psychotherapist, Change Coach/Consultant

            Sarah's Corporate Dance Classes Are A Hit!

              Contact Sarah today for more information

              Sarah does Gift Certificates!

              Has your partner always wanted to take dancing lessons?  Would your family reunion benefit from a fun, spontaneous, and exciting activity like dancing?  Want to surprise your honey with a valentine’s day gift?  Contact Sarah to order your special Gift Certificate for that special someone or event coming up in the future.