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Got Healthy Boundaries? Want to Learn How? NEW Workshop Series, Summer 2016

Got Healthy Boundaries? Want to Learn How? NEW Workshop Series, Summer 2016

How clear are your boundaries?

How can creating healthy boundaries in your physical, spiritual, sexual, mental and emotional life support you to be more empowered?

In March, I lead a Healthy Boundaries workshop at Claire’s Inspiration Point here in Buffalo, N.Y.


The event was so successful and soul-filling but once we started talking, we realized we were only scratching the surface!


There is a lot to talk about surrounding Boundaries.


Questions I’ve asked myself if I set healthy boundaries:

What will people think?  Would they still like me, want to be with me, work with me?  Will I offend “spirits” or “energy” by saying “No, thank you, you must go.”  Or, “No, I’m not taking that on.  That’s not my stuff?”


We talked about some of these questions and will cover so much more!


So, we’re continuing the conversation over a series of workshops this summer!


During these workshops we will:

  • Discuss what a healthy boundary is
  • Practice simple, guided, body and energy centered awareness meditations
  • Create practical tools to set healthy boundaries in your real life
  • Practice setting healthy boundaries with other participants at the workshop


The goal?  That you walk away with real tools to actually start creating and setting healthy boundaries in your own life at work, at home, and in your own relationships, spiritually, energetically, and sexually.


I had no idea what to expect at the “Creating Healthy Boundaries” workshop last night, but I loved it!  It was very empowering and I definitely walked away with what I needed – that sense of community and inspiration.  I found your presence to be so calming yet energizing.   – Chrissy Krolewicz


Will you be joining me at Claire’s Inspiration Point?


Here are the topics we’ll be covering this summer:

May 19th: What Are Healthy Boundaries and How to Start Creating Them

 June 16th: Discover How Your Body’s Talk Helps You Create Healthy Boundaries

July 14th: Exploring Energetic Boundaries and How Setting Them Can Empower You

August 18th: Explore Healthy Sexual Boundaries and How to Create Them


Come prepared to shift your awareness of who you are, what others are, and how you can get empowered in your life by setting healthy boundaries.


Details and How to Register:

When: One Thursday each month from May-August (May 19th, June 16th, July 14th, August 18th)
Where: Inspiration Point Bookstore, 483 Elmwood Ave. Buffalo, NY
Time: 6:30-8pm
Cost:$72 or $20 per drop in class. Call Claire at Inspiration Point  716-883-8670 to reserve your spot, or stop in the shop.
Bring: A journal or something to write on and with


Let me know you are coming!  Click HERE for our Facebook Invite!


Setting healthy boundaries, both energetic and personal, can be a scary and empowering thing to do.  How clear are your boundaries?  Why?  Are they so clear that you put up a steel wall in between you and anything you come into contact with?  Are they so soft and fluid, undefined, that you’re finding yourself frustrated, scared, or disempowered when you “get into that same situation again?”  This interactive talk/guided meditation/workshop will introduce you to Sarah Haykel’s exploration in becoming aware of and setting healthy, embodied, and empowered boundaries energetically, sexually, personally, and more.  It’s just the beginning.  Will you come explore your healthy boundaries with us?


Let’s set healthy boundaries together!


See you there,



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