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Empowering girls, one class at a time!

Empowering girls, one class at a time!

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Today, I’m excited to share a project with you that is dear to my heart, and the 7th grader I once was!

This past school year, my sister Laura and I collaborated on a pilot project with the staff and students of Nativity Miguel’s St. Monica’s Campus. We created a year-long Empowerment and Leadership program to share with the 7th grade girls class.

What was your experience at that age, right on the cusp of becoming a teenager? Did you feel prepared for everything life expected of you? I sure didn’t! This was the age that I started to feel isolated. I felt like no one understood me, I didn’t even understand myself!

Laura and I were starting to grow apart as we were struggling to become our own people. We are still trying to figure out what being a “twin” means to us! It was a time when I could have used some extra support, guidance, and acceptance from the adults around me, and even though I got it from a teacher or two in middle school, I needed a lot more from my close family and family friends.

That’s why Laura and I developed this program: to give these 7th grade girls healthy tools and space to discover who they are and support them in becoming the highest version of themselves.

We taught and focused on:
– mindfulness practices
– body-centered awareness

– future goals

– self-responsibility
– verbalization and communication tools
– journal writing
– healthy self-expression through movement and visual art forms

Our goal was to support and guide these girls as they step into the world and into their power as they build the foundations for a phenomenal life!

Watch the short piece below about our time there with images the girls created in one of our classes and about our mission to work with these girls.

I would LOVE your feedback; we are exploring different ways of bringing this program to more schools and classrooms! If you are touched or inspired, please leave a comment or share the video!


For more info on how to bring Laura and I to your school, community center, or organization, please contact me, Sarah Haykel at sarah@sarahhaykel.com.

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