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Leadership Development Through Latin Dancing, Individuals and Groups

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    The Effective Leader: Leadership Training and Team Building for Ultimate Results

    Leadership development is more crucial than ever in today’s fast paced, increasingly diverse, hectic and distracting workplace.  Simple tools like effective communication, alignment with core values, modeling behavior, empathy building, and effective accountability structures can be a game changer when it comes to ensuring a healthy workplace with high, efficient productivity.


    With Haykel's background as a life coach, business owner, teacher, trainer and leader, she brings a diverse skill set to any boardroom, teaching tangible, effective tools that will help transform the culture of leadership in your company or organization.  Through a series of workshops for individual leaders or groups, you will be given powerful and effective tools to lead your team with ease and clarity in a healthy and life-affirming way while reaping the benefits of a happy, healthy work environment.


    Workshop components:

    This workshop focuses on leadership building skills and processes such as:

    • Clear Communication – self-responsible communication and active listening
    • Accountability – creating effective accountability structures for yourself and team
    • Needs and Values Clarification – live in alignment with core values and communicating needs clearly
    • Focused Attention – mindfulness tools for being fully presence in the moment
    • Empathy – building empathy as a tool for successful relationships