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New Couples Salsa Dance Session


New Couples Salsa Dance Session

Hey Lovers,

Spring is upon us and with it, you know what? More enhanced connection with your partner because why?

Well, spring has that uncanny ability to make us want to come out of our shell, open up, try new things, and get into our sensual nature as the weather warms and the days get longer.

One of the most special reasons about this time of year for me is the inspiration about love: romantic love especially. Spring opens the heart and there is so much budding and blooming around us, it’s hard not to notice the open up of nature and ourselves too.

Wedding season is coming near too, so what a better time to learn how to shake it with your partner!

I’ve got a new Just for Couples Salsa Dance for Beginners session starting Saturday April 25th, 12-1pm at Yoga Parkside.

Join us for this special 6 week session that will bring you and your special someone closer together.

Click here for more details.

Did I mention we not only cover the basic technique of partner dancing, which you can apply to all types of music you may be dancing to, but I include some sexy warm up partner exercises that are sure to get things stirring between you and your loved one!

Join us now for our April session and spring into spring with us!

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