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NEW- Couples Therapeutic Dance Class

NEW- Couples Therapeutic Dance Class

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Do you crave better communication, more intimacy, and a deeper connection in your relationship?

Are you ready to make a great change in your relationship that’s fun too?

Join Sarah in a *therapeutic dance class just for couples where we will explore heightening connection, healthy communication, and increased closeness through partner dancing, sensual body movement, life coaching, and mindfulness practices.


This is NOT a typical dance class! It is an opportunity to build and explore a new way of connecting with your partner on AND off the dance floor. We’ll be focusing on how you can get in touch with and be fully present in your body and your Self so you can bring that awareness to, and create an, amazing relationship.


We do this through dance, yoga, life coaching tools and techniques, new and exciting ways of communicating, developing and deepening your connection to your body and ways of nurturing your connection to your partner. After all, the best gift you can give your partner is being  fully present!


Consider this class a group coaching session with other couples in order to deepen your relationship and connect in more present and meaningful ways, healing old bonds and creating new ways of connecting through mindfulness practices, partner dance and free form movement, yoga, group and partner sharing, and practicing tools of communication and active listening while learning deeper levels of **Body Centered Awareness.



<span>, Salsa Dance Student</span>
"Sarah’s salsa classes taught us how to step outside the hectic parts of our lives, and “be present” with each other and our experiences. And every class, we would learn more and more moves until finally we got to show off at a friend’s wedding and impress all of our friends! Sarah helped my girlfriend and I grow closer together, and left us with some valuable life lessons as well. I HIGHLY recommend you go see her, even if it’s just for one class!"
- Zachary Straub, Salsa Dance Student
*This class is perfect for couples who are want to carve out some special one on one time together and learn new relationship enhancing tools in the process.   This class can also be a great addition to couples who are already in therapy together, though it is not designed to replace traditional couples therapy.
 **Body Centered Awareness is a tool of consciously connecting to your body and it’s sensations.  It’s about being fully present with yourself in your body so that you are well informed and can make the most conscious and clear choices in your life.  This tool focuses on embodiment of yourself through the body.

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