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New LIVE, in-person Women’s Sensual Body Movement Class Session!


New LIVE, in-person Women’s Sensual Body Movement Class Session!

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Hey Radiant Goddess You Be (yes, I’m talking to YOU!),

I want you to take a moment to reflect on how you be in the world.

How do you move, respond, flow through your daily experience?

Are you seeking to feel and embody more pleasure than you’re currently experiencing?

How often do you feel ecstatic, sensual, deeply connected to your femininity?

You deserve to feel pleasure daily and to know how to access it even when you’re by yourself. Sometimes that’s the best time to really tap into your sexuality, sensuality, and reclaim your feminine essence which is so nurturing to you and everyone around you!

So to support you in doing this and MORE, I invite you to join me for our upcoming

Sensual Body Movement for Women class session!

Get in touch with your sacred center through Sensual Body Movement and learn how to EMBODY the Queen and Goddess you already are!

What’s possible in your work, relationships (with self and others), play, and rest when you are deeply connected to and embodying your sensuality in a healthy and vibrant way?

Take a moment to imagine the endless possibilities!

Don’t be intimidated if you’re unfamiliar with this kind of exploration.

Beginners are welcomed and encouraged to join us. Trust me, this is a safe space for you to open up, connect with others, and most of all connect with yourself!

So, LADIES, get ready to…

Re-Claim your Sexuality

Embrace your Divine Femininity

Express your Sensuality

Sensual Body Movement for Women

 The details:

Sensual Body Movement for Women with Salsa Sarah

Here are the dates listed below:

Mondays September 8th – October 13th Sensual Body Movement for Women Class $120:

Please join us, taking enrollment now!  

Advanced registration highly recommended!

September 8th – October 13th

  • 7:00 – 8:30pm

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  • Chair and WALL dancing
  • “The Walk of Femininity”
  • Samba from Brazil and Booty rolls
  • Free-form movement to music that spans the globe
  • Body isolations and how to move your body in ways that feel sensual, connected and good to you
  • Techniques in Body Centered Awareness: embodying yourself with breath as you move
  • Stretching, warm ups and cool downs
  • Meditation and intention-setting

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  • 6 week sessions that build progressively each class
  • TO CONFIRM YOUR SPOT Click here to pay in full!
  • Cash payments are made in full at the first class of each session
  • Class passes are non-refundable and can be used for the session you signed up for or for the next 6 week session to follow.  After two sessions, they are null and void.
  • Classes start promptly at times listed above
  • Location: Configuration Dance Theater, 230 Lexington Ave, Buffalo, NY 14222.  Entrance on the Ashland side of the building.
  • Please bring a clean pair of smooth soled shoes to dance in and/or a comfortable pair of socks.  (No black or dark brown soled shoes with rubber bottoms that could scuff the floor.)
  • Wear comfortable clothing

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