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Private Dance Lessons for Couples and Small or Large Groups


Now’s your chance!  Take advantage of our Latin Partner Dance Class for Beginners, singles and couples welcome. Up your game on the dance floor while connecting with your partner or others in a special, fun, and rich learning environment.

We'll Explore

  • How to properly touch and hold each other in the closed partner dancing position
  • How the follower follows the lead through receptivity, intuition, and connecting within their own body
  • How the lead appropriately and successfully leads the follower in a way that feels great and amazing for you both!

Nurture and grow in your relationship.

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We offer private lessons for couples and groups with one or two instructors.  Focusing in both proper technique of partner dancing and healthy relationship skills building, you will walk away from a Salsa for the Soul lesson with effective skills for the rest of your life.  Please send us an email, by clicking the button to the left, to discuss your specific needs.  We'll create a single lesson, or a series of lessons, that fit your needs.

Private lessons in Couples Salsa Dancing and Sensual Body Movement are available for soon-to- be wedded couples, new couples and long time partners, friends, and groups.

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30 min - 2 hours and half and full day workshops.  Single lessons and Packages available

What People Are Saying:

<span>, Dance Student</span>
"My boyfriend and I took private salsa lessons from Sarah in the fall of 2014.  It was a gift from my boyfriend to me, and I was pretty apprehensive going into the first lesson.  It didn't take long before I realized that all of my anxiety was for nothing; Sarah is amazing!  Every lesson with her was a fantastic learning experience and so much fun!"
- Daphne Wyse, Dance Student
<span>, Professional Belly Dancer, Instructor, Choreographer</span>
"I invited Sarah Haykel to the studio to teach a Salsa class. I wanted my students to experience another teacher and one that would help them feel free and good about their bodies. She was a delight and very talented. Loved her presentation, demonstrations, combos and her encouragement. I know my students enjoyed her class and I would definitely have her back again. She truly is a great performer and teacher."
- Nadia Ibrahim, Professional Belly Dancer, Instructor, Choreographer