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Bachata Dancing Int – Adv. 6 Week Group Dance Class Pass

Bachata Dancing Int – Adv. 6 Week Group Dance Class Pass


6 week session is $99/person, non-refundable, non-transferable

When: 6 classes on Mondays, March 4 – April 15th, (No Class March 25th) 2019

Time: 7:30pm

Cost: 6 Week Class Pass, $99 per person

Where: Classes are held in North Buffalo


Join our new Bachata Latin partner dance class for intermediate to advanced students.  Learn something new footwork to emphasis the dance, feel the music more fully and explore fun musicality to take your dancing to the next level, seriously!

Tap into the next level of dancing.

Bachata has become one of the most popular Latin partner dances over the past decade and you can see why.  It’s an amazing way to connect with yourself, others and the amazingly heartfelt music of Bachata.

Self-expression is also a key component when Latin partner dancing.  Everyone has their own unique style and flavor to their movements, as well as what they hear and feel in the music.

Come learn some fun, new footwork, which will give you so many options in relating to Bachata music.  Learn some more complex partner combinations too, that will take your Bachata dancing to the next level. We’ll explore both Dominican style bachata: more fancy footwork, and Traditional Bachata, more partner dancing combinations with turn patterns.

These classes build off of each other.  We’re jumping right in and things get more exciting as we go along! 

Our teaching style is both compassionate and firm, when we need to be, and we focus on having fun, while learning solid foundational moves and technique to provide you with the ultimate joyful dancing experience in and out of class.

This class is designed for dancers with an intermediate level of bachata dancing already.  No beginners please!  We welcome couples that want to stay with each other throughout the class.  And, we welcome singles (singles are highly encouraged to sign up with a friend they can partner with during the class to ensure they get to dance for the whole class).

There is limited space so we can give you the best learning experience! Will you join us?

*Class pass is non-refundable and non-transferable.


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