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Sensual Body Movement for Women

sensual body movement classes

Sensual Body Movement for Women


Sensual Body Movement for Women

Dear Woman you Be!

How deeply connected do you feel to your femininity?  

How often do you listen to your body’s guidance and intuition?  

How’s your self-care routine so you can be at your best each day?

It’s part of our natural biology to feel feminine: soft, emotional, relaxed, trusting, releasing and receiving.  However, we often get caught up in the daily run of life, taking care of those we love, forgetting about our own needs and desires and what truly turns US on!   It’s essential to take care of ourselves well so that we can take care of and contribute to those we love so much.  Our mission is BIG here, and it’s time to take care of ourselves so we can fulfill on this mission fully!

Get in touch with your femininity through Sensual Body Movement and learn how to EMBODY the Queen and Goddess you already are!  Create a loving, conscious, and connecting relationship with yourself, first, and then with everyone else.

What’s possible in your work, your relationships (with self and others), your family, your favorite activities and health when you are deeply connected to and embodying your femininity in a healthy and vibrant way?

Take a moment to imagine the endless possibilities!

Intimidated?  That’s ok?  Come and check it out anyways!

Beginners are welcomed and encouraged to join us. Trust me, this is a safe space for you to open up and connect with yourself  in a sacred circle surrounded by and with the Divine Feminine!

SBM Classes Can Include:

  • Gentle and restorative Yoga
  • Chair and WALL dancing
  • “The Walk of Femininity”
  • Free-form movement to music that spans the globe
  • Body isolations and how to move your body in ways that feel sensual, connected and good to you
  • Techniques in Body Centered Awareness: embodying yourself with breath as you move
  • Meditation and intention-setting

LADIES, get ready to…

  • Reconnect with your Femininity
  • Connect with the Power of Being a Woman
  • Reconnect with Yourself
  • Re-claim your Sexuality
  • Embrace your Divine Femininity
  • Express Your Sensuality

Payment & FYI

  • 6 week sessions that build progressively each class
  • Cash payments are made in full at the first class of each session
  • Class passes are non-refundable and are to be used for the session you signed up for
  • Classes start promptly at times listed above
  • Location: Yoga Parkside, 2 Wallace Ave, Buffalo, NY 14215.  Enter in the front of Parkside Lutheran Church: red doors to the left.  
  • Please bring a comfortable pair of socks to dance in.  No outdoor shoes on the studio floors.
  • Wear comfortable clothing and bring a water bottle and yoga mat (if you have one)

Class passes and registration are non-refundable and non-transferrable.


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