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INCREASE YOUR PLEASURE POTENTIAL: Summer Sensual Body Movement Workshops for Women!

sensual body movement classes

INCREASE YOUR PLEASURE POTENTIAL: Summer Sensual Body Movement Workshops for Women!

Sarah Haykel The Sensual Body Movement

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Hey Gorgeous Woman You Be (yes, I’m talking to YOU!),

Let’s talk for a minute

Feel like you’re sleepwalking through life?

Low energy, uninspired?

Libido so low it’s nearly nonexistent?

Can’t remember what it felt like to feel ALIVE inside your own body?

Well, have I got a remedy for you!

Summer is HERE and what better way to celebrate than to connect with that true Feminine essence you call YOU and feel your sensuality expressing itself in every aspect of your life, ie. walking down, the street, the colors of vibrant greens, reds, yellows, and purples all around you. enjoying a soft summer breeze blowing at your face as your long, summer skirt swishes from side to side and the sun warms your skin from head to toe.  

Do you feel amazing now or what?

I do and that’s exactly what the Sensual Body Movement for Women workshops are here to do:

Support you to feel AMAZING inside your own body, inside your own self, so you can experience more pleasure in every aspect of your life than you previously knew was possible and feel alive, juicy, and EMPOWERED in your life!

Join me for a special Summer Sensual Body Movement

Workshop for Women, designed to:

raise up your feminine energy,

connect this energy with your heart

and live feeling juicy and alive this summer!

There are 14 spots available for this workshop.

Claim your spot NOW!  

Register for the August 16th workshop here:

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Time: 10am – 12pm

Where: Configuration Dance Theater, 230 Lexington Ave, Buffalo, NY 14222. Entrance on the Ashland side of the building.

Cost: $28

The details:

Summer Sensual Body Movement for Women workshops

Ladies, you will learn:

  • Sensual Body Movement, like “The Walk of Femininity”
  • Chair, Wall, and Floor dancing that explores feminine movement and expression
  • How Breath will increase your pleasure potential in every area of your life
  • Body isolations and moving your body in ways that feel sensual, connected and good
  • Latin dancing steps and body movement from Salsa, Bachata, Afro-Cuban Rumba and more
  • Yoga postures to reset your energy and stretch your muscles
  • Guided meditations

You may pay through Paypal (buttons below):

Register for the August 16th workshop here:

Buy Now Button

Details about Salsa for the Soul Classes:

  • Classes start promptly at times listed above
  • Please bring a clean pair of smooth soled shoes to dance in and/or a comfortable pair of socks.  (No black or dark brown soled shoes with rubber bottoms that could scuff the floor.)
  • Wear comfortable clothing

PRE-REGISTER by emailing Sarah at salsaforthesoul@gmail.com now!

Space Limited – Register TODAY!

Salsa for the Soul Classes focus on teaching you how to:

  • Find and Feel the rhythm in Latin music
  • Dance in time with the music
  • Lead and follow with great technique so you can dance with anyone around the world!
  • Move your body in the style of Latin dancing
  • Solo with shines and fancy footwork during song breaks
  • Turn properly and with good technique
  • Feel your body and connect with your body so you feel good while dancing
  • Enjoy the feeling, rhythm and timing of Latin dancing
  • Have fun while dancing within yourself, with your partner and the world around you

I also encourage you to become a part of our Facebook community, a space where you will have access to interviews and posts about amazing Latin dance teachers and be able to connect with fellow salsa dancers.  Click here to like my Salsa for the Soul Facebook page and get connected!

More Info:

We teach L.A. on1 style of salsa dancing, Cuban style, and N.Y. Mambo on2 shines, which add more flare and flavor to your social dancing.

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