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Team Building Through Latin Dancing

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    The Dance of Leadership: Team Building and Leadership Skills through Latin Dancing

    From the avid dancer to someone who “has two left feet”, everyone can come away from a Salsa for the Soul dance experience with greater self-awareness and the practical tools for how to enhance their relationships at work and beyond.

    Through a series of Latin partner dancing exercises, participants explore healthy self-management and leadership skills and qualities. Participants will be encouraged to step into a new role of conscious co-creator at work through a fun, intentional, empowering workshop.

    Workshop components:

    This workshop focuses on these partnership skills and insights:

    · Communication — both verbal and non-verbal

    · Leading and following – how to embody your role fully

    · Giving and receiving, i.e., a balance of masculine vs. feminine attributes and principles

    · Presence in the moment – mindfulness tools for increased harmony

    · Empathy and trust – communicate and relate in appropriate ways that benefit all