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The Mirror Room Project World Premier Video!

The Mirror Room Project World Premier Video!

Ever wonder what it’s like being a twin?

Laura and I are asked this question constantly, as people reply, “I always wanted to be a twin!”


Here’s your chance to find out.


Almost two years ago I met artist Ben Perrone at an art opening of his work in Buffalo, N.Y.  He was speaking about a colleague of mine dancing in his “Mirror Room,” and I wanted to be a part of the fun, so I said, “Are you looking for more dancers?”  He said, “Yes, sure, you can come check it out.”  Thus began the journey of the Mirror Room Project with my twin sister, Laura Aiisha.


At first I was going to dance alone in the space.  Ben and I would pool resources to find a videographer.  But, what became apparent, once Ben found out I had a twin sister, was how perfect the mirrored room could be for a joint project between Laura and I.


After all, we are twins.  And, the idea of a mirror reflection is very present for us in our day to day lives.  People think I’m her, people think she’s me, we were always compared to each other as kids and even today as adults.  Even a dear friend of ours made a comment last year implying that we were the “same.”


This experience has been both a thorn in my side and a great delight in my life as well.  That person who recognized me as my twin sister years ago on a street in Boulder, CO.  That friend of mine who thought Laura was me across a busy street in NYC.  It’s been fun, and it’s also had it’s challenges.


In the fall of 2014, at a time in our lives, which I didn’t know would be so crucial to our own healing, growth and development personally as individuals and in our relationship with each other, the idea for the Mirror Room Project was born.


And, yes, people always ask me, “What’s it like to be a twin?” and quickly follow the question up with, “I’ve always wanted to be a twin!”


I reply, “Well, it’s been a blessing, and it’s had it’s challenges.”


For the first time, Laura and I will speak publicly about our real life experience as twins, from our own unique perspectives.


Come and join us to find out what it actually is like to be a twin, for us, and to see this beautifully shot short video by Erik Von Kohler, edited by Jake Barber, and shot in Ben Perrone’s Mirror Room.


On June 9th, 2016 Laura and I will premier this short, powerful video representation of the intimacy and polarity of what it’s like being a twin: having a constant reflection of yourself in the world.


In the month of Gemini, as Gemini Twins, Laura thought it the perfect time to share this with you.


You’re invited to join us for this special event and project premier at the local studio of Ben Perrone, where the Mirror Room lives. Engage with us in a special Q & A with artist Ben Perrone and Laura and Sarah Haykel after the viewing.



Thursday June 9th, 2016


Drinks served

Donations appreciated

At Ben Perrone’s Art Studio 260 Plymouth Ave., Buffalo, NY

Tickets are not necessary to attend this event

RSVP to our Facebook event here



We’re excited to share this very special, and personal project with you! Please share this event with anyone you know who is a twin, has twins or is interested in the twin journey!


See you June 9th!

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