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    Dancing with our youth in school and after school programs is a great joy and gift! Classes are offered for grades 5-12 and University level students. Bring Sarah in to teach The History of Latin Dance, to increase cultural awareness at your school during Hispanic Heritage Month, Life Skills through Partner Dancing, to increase communication, teamwork, and harmony between your students and within your faculty and staff, or for Dance for Health and Wellness, where she will teach a fun, exercise based dance class drawing from hip-hop, W. African, Latin, and free form dance and body movement to keep your students healthy and lit up at school.

    45 minutes - 4 hours

    Salsa for the Soul, a company whose mission is to create healthier relationships through Latin partner dancing, began in 2008 by Sarah Haykel, spurred by a vision of service and a passion for personal growth and development.

    Haykel says, “Dance is a metaphor for life,” meaning, all of the tools used to become a great dancer can also be used to be a great human being, in all of our relationships.  In a welcoming, inclusive, funny, and relatable way, Haykel weaves together metaphors and analogies to support participants to not only learn some fun, Latin dance moves, but to more importantly reach deeper into themselves finding the gifts, grace, and energy they need to live fulfilling, healthy and purposeful lives.

    With a passion for learning about different cultures, Haykel has studied various dances and styles of music in the U.S. and abroad from teachers of diverse cultures and backgrounds.  Her fascination with cultural connections in the music we listen to and the dances we learn drives her desire to speak on these topics, sharing the links that help us understand ourselves, each other, and other cultures better.

    Bridging the gap between human beings so we can see our similarities, while celebrating our diversity, is at the forefront of her lectures and workshops.


    What People Are Saying:

    <span>, Director, Multicultural Affairs at Hilbert College</span>
    "Salsa for the Soul and Sol y Sombra came to Hilbert’s campus during our Multicultural Dinner and rocked the house.  Students, Staff, and Faculty had a great time learning about Latin culture while listening and dancing to the music. I highly recommend them to anyone seeking to engage their campus community with fun and education."
    - Dr. Tara Jabbaar-Gyambrah, Ph.D., Director, Multicultural Affairs at Hilbert College
    <span>, Advisor, International Student Office, D’Youville College</span>
    "Sarah does a great job in engaging her audience. Her performances are always energetic, fun and educational. It’s wonderful for our students to learn the historical and cultural context of her dances."
    - Ann Soares, Advisor, International Student Office, D’Youville College
    <span>, </p>
<p>Spanish Teachers,  Grand Island High School</span>
    "This was the first time we held a salsa dancing class at our school and it was very successful, so much so that the students asked if we could do it again at least once every year.  It's a great way to teach kids other ways of dancing and relating together.  Sarah was very accommodating and enthusiastic in helping us plan the event and she and her assistant teachers gave their all to over 90 students and teachers while they were here.  I would definitely recommend her to come to your school."
    - Jeannine Scibilia & Brain Winger,

    Spanish Teachers, Grand Island High School