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Learn to Trust Yourself: A Retreat for Women with Sarah Buffalo, NY

Learn to Trust Yourself: A Retreat for Women with Sarah Buffalo, NY

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Whole Self Revival

If you are a strong, creative, and empathic woman ready to take time out of your busy schedule to learn how to trust yourself again, listen to your intuition and speak your truth, mind – body – and soul, then this retreat is for you.

Are you a busy, professional woman who desperately needs some “ME” time?

Are you terrible at setting boundaries or saying “no?”  

Are you secretly afraid of how powerful you are?

Ready to kick self-judgment and insecurity to the curb?  

Want to be more honest with yourself and others?

Ready to finally trust yourself and your intuition?    


The Whole Self Revival is a starting point on your journey of getting what you really want, which could look like: going to bed at night with a peaceful heart, excited to wake up the next day and get back onto the playing field of life.  Feeling a calm resolve and sense of true empowerment in your communication, relationships and choices.   Knowing you can do this, you can trust yourself, speak your truth, and follow your intuition, ultimately leaving a legacy behind you that will benefit others for years to come.  “I got this” is your new attitude.

Learning to trust yourself can be a challenge.  Trust me, I know!  The tug of war between my head and my intuition has ruled the past decade of my life as I’ve learned how to let go of the struggle, listen to and trust my intuition and guidance from my Higher Power.

All of the old stories, beliefs, and energies we’ve picked up along the way from family, friends, and society can cloud our most authentic selves from shining and being seen.

Weeding through these old stories and beliefs to find the “real you” can feel overwhelming.  Maybe you find yourself thinking: is anything about this ever going to change?  Will I ever change?

That’s why you are taking this next step, to do something different, to join with a group of like-minded women who can support and cheer you on.  And, as a result of your transformation, you will be a trailblazer, making the way for countless other women who will follow in your footsteps.

You are a way maker and are ready to stand up, speak up, learn to trust yourself, and learn to let everyone else’s “stuff” go once and for all!

I can relate!  It’s been a wild ride for me learning to trust myself and stand in my own two shoes.  At times I’ve wanted to give up because my self-esteem was so low or anxiety was reeking havoc on my mind confidence.

In Feminine Power, a course I took six years ago, which completely changed my life for the better, they talked about how we as women are midwifing, or literally helping birth ourselves into a whole new part of our lives.   What I realize now is that I am like a midwife to your journey, supporting you to re-birth into the new person and woman you want to truly be.

Imagine spending a cool autumn afternoon together in a gorgeous, warm yoga studio surrounded by like minded women just like you who are on your team.  We’re taking our time, slowing down, so that you can hear that true voice inside of yourself.  So you can begin listening to and trusting yourself, paving the way for the next right steps to true fulfillment in your life.

The Whole Self Revival will combine restorative yoga, movement meditation, life coaching skills and tools, mindfulness meditation, group and partner sharing, and creative expression to so you can get in touch with the deeper whisperings of your soul and Higher Power.

You will walk away from the Whole Self Revival with:

  • A real time connection with your intuition and Higher Power
  • Practical skills and tools to practice for the upcoming months to ensure lasting change
  • A Facebook group for continued learning and engagement with me and our greater community
  • Special bonuses and surprises you’ll receive only at the Retreat!

If you’re ready to take a stand for yourself and your empowerment, so you can be the role model you long to be for the women and girls in your life, come join me for a Whole Self Revival for Women.


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<span>, Student</span>
"I met Sarah over the summer at Canalside for a meditation class she was leading. New to the practice and somewhat unsure, I was immediately taken and transformed by her free spirit, her warm authentic smile and gentle manner and welcoming presence that Sarah puts forth. Sarah has a gift for feeling her inner intuition and sharing in a way that is both inspiring and miraculous. After the initial greeting I soon found her methods to be easy to use relatable and relevant to my life and she doesn’t hold back from adding a little fun and playfulness encouraging people to openly share with an emphasis on self-love, gratitude and no judgment. Sarah has continued to reach out to me checking in even when the sessions ended. Sarah is passionate about helping and teaching others to live and feel more relaxed and at peace in their lives, she has certainly done that for me."
- Ellen O'Rourke, Student

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