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Check out Sarah’s classes online!


Check out Sarah’s classes online!

Yes, it’s true, we are starting online classes this spring.

For the past two years I’ve tried online classes with little to no success.  I didn’t know why, but I figured it wasn’t the right time.

Now, I can feel its the right time.

I’m excited about learning how to work with you all virtually.  The truth is, though I know we love to be together physically, sometimes virtually is a good alternative for those not able to leave the house because of kids and family or for those who live far away from Buffalo, N.Y.

The first virtual class I’m offering this spring is in Sensual Body Movement for Women.  It’s really exciting for me because I know I’ll be able to offer more to women and men around the world through live and recorded virtual classes.  Woohoo!

Are you a woman who desires to love yourself more fully?

Is it high time you took your own self-care, self-healing, and pleasure seriously?

You know, a wise woman in one of my classes said, “Health care is self-care,” and I agree.  I’ll also add, inspired by a little print out that came with a piece of soap in the shape of a beautiful Goddess, “self-care is the highest form of love.”  And it is!

So come and join me and other women who are ready to take your life, your sensuality, your health, and your well being in your own hands again!

Say yes and sign up here.  

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