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Comfort Zhone

Comfort Zhone

Today I did something new, I stepped out of my comfort zhone.

Time and again, I am living my life, fully, each step at a time.

I am here.  Both feet in.

The water is warm, even though I can’t always see through it, I find that I am touching the bottom with my head way above water and enjoying the view.

What about you?  How are you living on your edge, riding the edge of life, exploring something new, contributing in a new way?  I want to know.  Share with me here, below.

Love, Sarah


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Sarah Haykel

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  • Living on purpose is a perpetual commitment to stepping out of the comfort zone. I’ve recently launched a beta coaching program entitled “Panning for Gold” and it is definitely stretching my zhone.



    • Awesome Sean~ I LOVE the idea of “panning for gold”. I like to say, “How can you harvest the gold from this situation?” to clients, myself and friends. Sarah

  • Yes precisely, everything in the Universe is based on purpose, or intention, and even the “bad” stuff is revealing and serving to activate a purpose. Either we choose one, or live into one by default. I find that the “gold” is in making a conscious choice of purpose.

    • Can you explain more about this word “purpose” and what it means to you Sean? I am curious!

      • Purpose is what we live by, it is our focus, intention for being, our raison d’etre. What is yours?

        • My purpose, there are so many ways to say this: be love and support others to be love. Be joy and support others to be joy. Live love, and support others to live love. Be in my body embracing each and every moment with an open heart and pure soul and spirit and support others to do the same. Be myself, the gift I am here to bring to life and support others to be themselves and share their unique gifts.

          • That is such a beautiful purpose for a beautiful soul!


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