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La Clave

La Clave

The clave rhythm is an ancient rhythm that came to the Caribbean from Africa.

In Latin music, I have heard of the clave rhythm referred to as the “heartbeat” of the music.

When everything is in alignment with the clave and working within the clave, it all feels good and sounds right.  When things are out of whack with the clave or the clave is out of whack with everything else, things don’t feel good or sound right.

I liken this to our own hearts.  When our hearts are working well and everything is working well with our hearts, we feel good physically.  When things are not working well with our hearts or our hearts are not well, we feel off, or unwell.

The clave rhythm is like coming home to ourselves.

Much like the clave rhythm, we can come home to ourselves and work in alignment with our own “heartbeat”, that which makes us tick and tock, our passions, the gifts we are here to bring.  When we work in alignment and in “time” with our own sacred rhythm, everything feels good.  When we ignore our “heartbeat” or that which brings us alive, we can feel all kinds of things: rushed, sick, tired, angry, frustrated, anxious, inauthentic, out of synch, etc.

What does it feel like to be in alignment with your goals, your passions, that which truly brings you alive?

How does living your dream affect life?

What is your unique gift that you are here to bring?

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