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Life Coaching

Be A Light In The Darkness

Are you a sensitive, strong, creative person woman whose waking up to your true potential?  Do you desire to make an impact on this world, in your family and life that impacts all for the better?  Are you committed to taking time out of your busy schedule to learn how to trust yourself, listen to and follow your inner guidance, and Be who you are here to be in mind – body – soul and spirit?

Then you’re in the right place!

I work with women who are ready to see themselves fully: their truth, their light, their shadows, the old habits and patterns, the brilliance within, and their gifts. 

I coach you into discovering your own truth, the truth of who you really are, and to have the confidence and self-assurance to share this gift with the world in a way that impacts all for the better, including yourself!

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Tell me more about yourself and what interests you about life coaching. Then, we’ll schedule a complimentary sample life coaching call and get on the phone together.  You can experience how I work and we can see if we’re a good fit to work together.

Once we set up a time to talk and we decide we’d like to work together, I’ll share different ways you can engage in life coaching with me through one-one phone sessions, in-person or online workshops, and special groups.

<span>, Student of Life</span>
"The invitation to BE, arrived from a fellow namesake and vessel of light — Sarah Haykel. Working with Sarah, in her capacity as Free to Be Life Coach, over the course of 3 months awakened, inspired, and activated my joy for living in ways that I have not known or felt since childhood."
- Sarah M. Cozzemera, Student of Life
<span>, Student of Life</span>
"Wowwwww Sarah!! Thank you for sharing your experience through this beautifully written story! It resonates so deeply with me, as I’ve recently found myself having similar experiences… and often wondering Why?! Is this crazy? Am I going nuts?! I too was raised Catholic but quickly turned away from religion as a young teen because the idea that “Jesus is our savior” was too far-fetched for me. However, your statement, “Jesus can represent many things, and in this sense, Jesus is a representation of love” expresses exactly what I recently experienced – God is love. Your words have given me reassurance to surrender my own fears to God, the spirit, the universal energy, and that it is not only safe but destined for me to continue on my spiritual exploration! Sending you love, light & gratitude!!"
- Alyssa VanDurme, Student of Life

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Whole Self Revival School of Life and Community for Women

Make a life changing investment in YOU

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    The Whole Self Revival School of Life and Community for Women

    If you are a strong, creative, and empathic woman determined to take time out of your busy schedule to learn how to stand in your power, speak your truth, and reconnect with your Higher Power, mind – body – and soul, this online community and school of life is for you!

    Are you a busy, professional woman who desperately needs some “ME” time?

    Are you terrible at setting boundaries or saying “no?”

    Are you secretly afraid of how powerful you are?

    Ready to kick self-judgment and insecurity to the curb?

    Want to be more honest with yourself and others?

    The Whole Self Revival is a starting point on your journey of getting what you really want, which could look like: going to bed at night with a peaceful heart, excited to wake up the next day and get back onto the playing field of life. Feeling a calm resolve and sense of true empowerment in your communication, relationships and choices. Knowing you can do this, you can trust yourself, speak your truth, and follow your intuition, ultimately leaving a legacy behind you that will benefit others for years to come. “I got this” is your new attitude.

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    What People Are Saying:

    "I had no idea what to expect at the “Creating Healthy Boundaries” workshop last night, but I loved it! It was very empowering and I definitely walked away with what I needed – that sense of community and inspiration. I found your presence to be so calming yet energizing."
    - Chrissy K.

    One-on-One Life Coaching

    Make a life changing investment in YOU

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      Invest in yourself, and live your life powerfully through Life Coaching

      Investing in yourself, new attitudes and personal beliefs that will make your life blossom and come alive, and creating a relationship with you, that you’ve always desired to have, are powerful steps in creating a life you want to live!

      I meet with clients individually over the phone to support your greatest unfurling, coming home to yourself, learning to trust your own intuition and innate wisdom, connecting with your body, and learning to give and receive support from an empowering place.  Life coaching, like life, is a journey, and my goal is to support you to support yourself through the gifts and tools of life coaching. Contact me here about your interest in and needs with coaching. I will respond and we can set up a sample session from there. I look so forward to supporting you on your journey.  

      6 months to 1 year Packages

      What People Are Saying:

      "The coaching journey I undertook with Sarah was a wonderful journey of exploration.  She offered a warm, safe and supportive space where I could safely let go of inhibitions, beliefs and thoughts that were no longer serving me.  Sarah’s coaching style is really focused on embodying the learning processes experienced throughout the coaching session.  For me, this is the most powerful type of coaching as any shifts I made during the coaching process became integrated at a cellular level.  I was not left with the feeling that I had a challenging idea to think about and work on in the future; I was left with a solid feeling that I had already changed as a result of the coaching session.  Each session closed with me feeling more aligned with a deeper connection to my Self."
      - Rowena Zabrodsky

      Free to Be Workshop

      Free to Be 5 Step Process: From Reactivity to Choice in Five Simple Steps is a self-published eBook released in 2014.  This workshop, which goes through the five step process, is ideal for specialty groups, community organizations, community and business leaders, management teams, teachers, and more.

      A powerful process equipped with tools and techniques to bring yourself from a place of reactivity into a place of choice, you will walk away with greater self-knowledge about what triggers you, how to notice that you’re triggered, and tools and techniques to be able to respond from an empowering place of choice.

      3 hour to full day workshop

      What People Are Saying:

      <span>, Attorney</span>
      "I think what you have is an amazing gift.  I can feel how you connect and the way that you’ve been guiding me along my own path, but you do it in a way that I feel like I am in the driving seat.  It’s been really beautiful and just the most amazing experience."
      - Sarah Frederick, Attorney

      During this workshop we will:

      • Explore movement as meditation
      • Connect with our bodies through breathing exercises and meditation
      • Connect with our intuition and inner guidance

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      Group Workshops

      Connect with your body and the wisdom inherent in your natural system through:

      • Movement meditation
      • Asking yourself curious questions
      • Listening to the signals your body is telling you
      • Learning to trust your intuition
      • Reaping the information and guidance the body receives through intuitive “messages” and sensations in the body

      Contact Sarah for more information

      Business owners, Universities, and community groups benefit from the various workshops designed and facilitated by Sarah.

      Some workshop titles include Free to Be 5 Step Process: From Reactivity to Choice in Five Simple Steps, Let’s Communicate:  Sharing Your Truth Empowerfully, Stepping Into Your Brilliance: Finding that Special Gift You Have, Mindfulness Meditation: Tools and Techniques for Greater Wellness, and more.  Contact Sarah here to set up a time to discuss your community’s particular needs.

      1.5 Hours – Full Day workshops

      What People Are Saying:

      "hello beautiful sarah!  just beaming you some love & major appreciation for gifts you share with the world! i am SO grateful for the things i have learned from knowing and witnessing you in your amazing YOUNESS! i have experienced some super powerful shifting in life and in navigating interpersonal relationships since the end of 2012, and want to thank you again for the simple and effective things you have shared with me (throughout our entire time of knowing one another) about authentic communication, honesty, space, and clearing. these gifts are invaluable. thank you for being brave and committed to this path of evolution! for what a blessing you are!  loving you and bigging you up, sister!"
      - Morgan Love
      "I had no idea what to expect at the “Creating Healthy Boundaries” workshop last night, but I loved it!  It was very empowering and I definitely walked away with what I needed – that sense of community and inspiration.  I found your presence to be so calming yet energizing, and I can’t wait to see what you have done with your online program.  I would love to be part of it,"
      - Chrissy Krolewicz


      Meditation Workshops for Kids and Adults

      Join A Workshop Today!

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        The benefits of meditation have been widely researched and the word is out:

        Meditation can benefit everyone from kids to adults, in schools and in workplaces, at home and abroad.  This workshop is designed to release stress and create more harmony within each individual by connecting you with your body, creating more space around your thoughts and mental activity, deepening your sense of belonging, and supporting you in creating a personal daily practice that has the ability to change your life for the best.  Meditation workshops can include movement meditations, mindfulness meditations, grounding meditations, guided meditations, visualizations and more.

        45 min to full day workshops

        What People Are Saying:

        "The first time I did the process and I was out, I was like, WOW this works.  This is awesome.  I didn’t feel stuck.  The feeling I had was so amazing.  I felt like I had broke down this barrier, I don’t have to stay in that corner.  I can actually come out and be here.   I can actually take things in."
        - Darian R.