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Peace and Nature

Peace and Nature

There is something about peace and nature.

Last night, after I sat with my family watching and listening to the prayer service in Connecticut after the shooting, my niece noticed a group of deer walking through our yard to our neighbors.

“Look at all the deer walking into the neighbors yard,” she said.

“Oh,” as I looked back there.

The reflections on the windows were making it hard for me to see them clearly.

“There are like 8 deer walking through,” she said.

I got up to look and saw the last deer in the group walking through the pathway of bushes, in between the bright holidays lights, to the other side.

It stopped and looked over in my direction.

My heart was filled with peace.  It was as if I could feel the warmth of the deer and it’s heart.

I was reminded in that moment how important it is to be in nature.  To look at the natural world, to connect with animals.  To be in nature.

The deer then put it’s head down and continued to walk through the path of lights and bushes to the other side.

How important is it to be in nature?

What is it about nature that brings instant peace and solace?

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Sarah Haykel

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  • For me it is very important to be “in nature.” I had friends out for a fire on the beach this weekend, amazing that we can be right on the lake in December without getting hypothermia. The pulse of the waves rolling ashore, wind through the trees and more subtle nuances of earthly bio-rhythms calibrate our heart cadence, hence a calming and regenerative influence.

    • I really like the way you describe the “earthly bio-rhythms” Sean. Very poetic. I also hear and feel a lot of energy in the word “pulse”. Thank you for bringing this forward : ) I am touched : )

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