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Sarah Haykel and Jerome Williams Perform at the U.N.Y. Latin Dance Fest., Fall 2015!

Sarah Haykel and Jerome Williams Perform at the U.N.Y. Latin Dance Fest., Fall 2015!

Jerome Williams and I recently  performed an original Hip-Hop/Breakdance/Latin piece for Darin Price and Essence of Rhythm’s 4th Annual U.N.Y. Latin Dance Festival!

You know what was the most fun about this experience?  Creating.  Creating something new, a dance routine, to share with and perform for others highlighting myself and my dance partner, Jerome’s, love of all different styles of dances.

It was a fun process and I realized, through it all, how important it is for me to be creative in my every day life!

One of the most inspiring things about the U.N.Y. Latin Dance Fest was watching the other performers too.  And, not just watching them dance, but watching how they warmed up and prepared for their performances too!

Ramon and Divna, from N.Y.C., literally took my breath away and scared the s#$t out of me on their final move for their Friday night performance at the festival during the tech rehearsal.  It was so unbelievable and I gawked at “what the heck was that?” and “how did that happen?” after the fact!  It literally looked like Divna’s face was going to smash into the ground, but nope, she slid across the floor like a swan and landed perfectly.  Wow, beautiful.  So effortless and surprising!

I also really enjoyed meeting Shelby Joy Cole and Jeremy Adam Rey, who’ve partnered up for Zouk.  Their style was fun, hip-hoppy, and sensual.  Shelby is a real joy and gem and I was inspired by her awesome Zouk Body Suits, made by Aline Cleto, so I hurriedly got on the internet and found Aline so I could get one too.  They are super comfortable, so sweet, and sexy!  Love it 🙂

And, of COURSE, Unite Salseros were there, from TO, and I LOVE these folks.  Their teaching style is so right on with technique and interpretation.  I always gleam a huge gem from learning from them.

Thanks so much again to Jerome Williams for joining me on this dancing, choreographing, performing journey and to Darin Price of Essence of Rhythm for giving us the opportunity to perform for all the lovely people there at the festival, and now for you too!  Check to the video above and leave you comments below.

Love, Sarah




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