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One-On-One Life Coaching Sessions


One-On-One Life Coaching Sessions

Life coaching, like life, is a journey, and my goal is to support you to support yourself through the gifts and tools of life coaching.  Your first step is to fill in this short questionnaire.  Once I receive it and read it through, I’ll be in touch about the next steps in working together.  I look so forward to supporting you on your journey.  

6 months to 1 year Packages



Invest in yourself, and live your life positively

Investing in yourself, new attitudes and personal beliefs that will make your life blossom and come alive, and creating a relationship with you, that you’ve always desired to have, are powerful steps in creating a life you want to live!

I meet with clients individually over the phone to support your greatest unfurling, coming home to yourself, learning to trust your own intuition and innate wisdom, connecting with your body, and learning to give and receive support from an empowering place.



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