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Spring Equinox Seasonal Renewal Retreat for Men and Women

Spring Equinox Seasonal Renewal Retreat for Men and Women

It’s been a lonnnng winter for us here in the North East and it’s time to welcome in spring.

Thank GOD the snow is melting outside.  The car’s dashboard showed 50 degrees F today!  That’s amazing, considering we’ve just spent over a month in temperatures mostly below 20 degrees.

It’s so funny, though, you know, because a part of me, during the change of the seasons, recently, isn’t ready to “move on” yet.  Just a week ago I was feeling like, “Oh, I’m not ready for the longer days and brighter evenings.  I still want to hibernate.”

You know what I do when this happens?  I just notice it instead of getting hooked on it.  I notice it and also know of the impending change that’s going to happen, whether I’m ready for it or not!

Then, within a few days or weeks, like today, I feel more ready than ever for this change.

Will I still feel joyful when I see a beautiful snowfall this March?  Probably (though I know most of you are probably hating me for saying this right now).  That’s just how I roll.

So, to help you with this change of seasons, Jen Russo, amazing yogini, mother, sister, friend, and  woman, and I got together to create something really special for you.  It’s a chance to unwind and rejuvenate for this seasonal change from winter to spring.

Slough off the winter drabs and release the heaviness of the season for the upcoming warmer temerpatures, brighter days and evenings, and blooming and blossoming of the spring!

It’s a most beautiful time indeed!  Not to mention it’s a time of birth and rejuvenation for animals, nature, and us too as human beings!

And…did I mention, we’re inviting men this time?

Roy Cunningham, Jen’s husband, and healing extraordinaire, will be leading the talking circle for the retreat.  So bring your hubby, boyfriend, or mate and share in this great revival with us.  Details below.

Join three community minded, healing arts practitioners with over 30 years of collective experience in an annual Spring Renewal Retreat for men and women on March 28th at SolRise Farm and Cultural Arts Center.

Jennifer Russo, Sarah Haykel and Roy Cunningham bring together their collective energies as a yoga instructor, dancer and massage therapist to mark the time we all have been waiting for, the great thaw!

Cleanse and renew your mind, body and spirit through ayurvedic yoga practices, food and drink… move intuitively to music designed to help you energetically cleanse each chakra…. and hear and be heard in our talking circle as we take time to set intentions for the next season.

Enter into spring refreshed, fine-tuned and awakened!

When: Saturday, March 28th
Time: 10am-1:30pm
Where: SolRise Farm and Cultural Arts Center, 226 E. Utica. Street parking in front of building.
Cost: $49, sliding scale of $30-$60 available 

12 spaces available.

Register by sending a check to: Sarah Haykel, PO Box 394, Buffalo, NY 14213 (include your contact info on check)

Questions? Contact russojennifer@hotmail.com or sarah@sarahhaykel.com

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