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Today I attended the Tedx Buffalo Women event at the Downtown Public Library.

What most struck me was the undeniable desire these women have for forward motion in their lives and forwarding the motion for all of life.  This seems to be indelible to women.  We want the best for everyone, even when we say we don’t.  We may be crying tears, saying, “I hate her,” “She doesn’t deserve this,” “Rot in hell scum.”  And we may even mean it.  But, I bet, when you dig down to the core, you see an unending river flowing over with Golden Love and the only desire there is to affirm and allow life to glow and flow and heal and be and expand in service to all.

Thank you beautiful women for speaking our words and sharing our gifts.  You truly amaze me and inspire the gifts and jewels to come a shinin’ in myself too.

Love, Sarah

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