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Thank you

Thank you

Dear Soul Shining Friend, Client, Reader, Inspirator and Co-Creator,
My heart is filled with gratitude upon thinking that you are here, a part of the Free to Be Movement: Free to Be Yourself, the wonderful gift that you are here to be and contribute in this life!
I well up inside with gratitude upon thinkign that you read these emails and sign up for my offerings and programs, join events and workshops, and support me along my journey as an entrepreneur, leader, be’er and fella light being of the Universe!
Thank you for being here, right now!  You help give my purpose so much more meaning and are cheering me on: I can see it in my minds eye and feel it in my body!
I hear your cheers: keep going, keep doing what  you’re doing and being who you’re being!  And I say the same to you: keep going, keep doing what you’re doing and being who you’re being!
Just like in Reverend Deborah Johnson’s new book, Your Deepest Intent, the energy writing through her says: whatever you’re doing, keep doing it and do more of it.  If you’ve been asking for the right partner and you feel as though this person has come along, keep asking for the right partner.  If you meditate, meditate more.  If you visualize, visualize more.
So I am here, doing and being more of me.What beautiful steps are you taking to be more of you in the next coming weeks?

What one tool will you use to manifest the you who you want to be and bring about the life you want to live?

Respond in the comments section below, I want to know!  Your participation is important to me and others.

What we can learn in community is SO MUCH MORE than what we can learn alone.

Take a moment right now to make a small commitment to yourself for the next 6 weeks.  What one step will you take each day, each moment to be the best you you can be?

I’m excited to announce that Laura, my twin sister, and I along with several other fella inspirators will be on the stage at TedX Buffalo Women NEXT WEEK shining our lights to uplift, inspire and empower all!

Stay tuned to an email next week with information on how to watch TedX Buffalo Women LIVE from your computers!  There are going to be amazing speakers from 1-5pmEST next week, Thursday December 5th.

Save the Date: There’s an exciting event coming up at PAUSA Dec. 18th to celebrate and tie up the loose ends of 2013 and set intentions for 2014!  Keep an eye on your inbox for more details coming soon!

Thank you again for being here, for engaging and for sharing your brilliance with the world!

We need it now more than ever!



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Sarah Haykel

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  • Danielle

    Thanks Sarah! Last week I had my baby girl, Kali Rose. She’s so beautiful and healthy. I’m so thankful to hold her and spend every minute with her.

    The next few weeks are for us to bond and for me to heal. I wish I could include the yoga sequence I know into my days, but my body is not quite ready and won’t be for a little while. Also, going to the yoga studio once I’m ready will be more difficult with having a child now.

    Therefore I look forward to a home practice which I feel could strengthen my yoga practice in a new way. I’ve been blessed to have my life slow down to this point and to have the opportunity to be home for some time, where I can direct my focus in less places. Boost my focus in important places.

    Thanks again for the emails, have a happy Thanksgiving!

    • Sarahhaykel

      OMG, Ah-MAAAZING Danielle! Congratulations! I am getting such warm and fuzzy feelings from reading your response here and LOVE the idea that a home practice will strengthen your practice! I wonder how community and yoga will fit into your new life and your baby, Kali Rose!


      Love, Sarah

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