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The First Key to Relaxation, On and Off The Dance Floor

The First Key to Relaxation, On and Off The Dance Floor

Last night I stood in front of a group of gentleman.  I could see them all behind be in the reflection of the mirror, their female partners standing around the outskirts of the room.

The men, typically the “leaders” in Latin partner dancing, were learning a new step.  As they diligently focused, paying attention to me very word and instruction, I could feel the room tight with a holding of breath.

In a quick second I noticed, energetically, the women standing around watching were not breathing full breaths.  Maybe they were shallowly breathing or even holding their breaths slightly as they watched their partners attempt this new step.

“Ladie’s, keep breathing please,” I suddenly requested, as I took a long inhale in through my nose and exhaled audibly out through my mouth.

Suddenly, the circle around the men tangibly relaxed.  I could feel it, and I think the men could feel the lack of tension in the room as well.  Ahhh, it was a big relief.

Afterwords, I couldn’t believe how stark this example was, in real life, of the effect we have as humans on ourselves, other humans, and life itself, when we hold our breaths or take shallow, unconscious breaths because our minds are somewhere else.

Body centered awareness is a huge tool I use in teaching, coaching, and yoga.  It supports you as the individual to get in touch with your body consciously, reconnecting that powerful synapse between the brain and the body!  This is one example that will lead to instant relaxation on and off the dance floor of life.

How powerful that with one big breath, the room completely relaxed.

See the power that you have?

How will you use the power of breath today in your own life and when?

Make it real!  Comment below.

Breathing, consciously, now,

Your Coach,



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