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Yoga for Beginners

Classes and Group Workshops with Sarah Haykel

I feel so much gratitude to the teachers who’ve passed on the lineage of B.K.S. Iyengar to me. His recent passing definitely made a big impact on our community and I’m honored to carry on the torch of his amazing and transformative yoga teachings!

Yoga Classes for Beginners

***Class passes are non-refundable and to be used within the session dates***

  • Please bring a yoga mat and wear comfortable clothes.
  • Beginners and men welcome and encouraged!  

Yoga for Beginners classes are taught with a theme in mind focusing on opening, toning, and stretching different parts of the body and mind, techniques for relaxation and self-care, mindfulness meditation, and breathing exercises.

Great for reducing stress, rejuvenating the body and mind, toning and strengthening the muscles, increasing flexibility, creating a stronger mind-body connection, and more!

Sarah Haykel has been teaching and facilitating groups in dance for over 14 years.  Recently certified as a yoga instructor through Francois Raoult’s Essential Yoga Teacher Training in June of 2014, Sarah finds great joy in sharing the knowledge and wisdom that’s been passed down to her through the many amazing teachers of the Iyengar style of yoga and more!

Join us for a fun, humorous, and meaningful dive into the human body and mind through yoga.

Online and in person yoga for beginners classes available for businesses, groups and couples.

Contact Sarah here.

Bring yoga to the office!

Book a series of yoga classes for yourself and your employees.

Booked in 5-10 week sessions, Sarah will come to you and instruct gentle and beginner level yoga and meditation classes designed to relieve stress and bring more joy and productivity to the work environment.   Provide your employees with the benefits of yoga to impact both the office and their personal lives in positive ways.  Contact me here by clicking “Contact Sarah” to set up your class sessions now.

What People Are Saying:

"I invited Sarah Haykel to the studio to teach a Salsa class. I wanted my students to experience another teacher and one that would help them feel free and good about their bodies. She was a delight and very talented. Loved her presentation, demonstrations, combos and her encouragement. I know my students enjoyed her class and I would definitely have her back again. She truly is a great performer and teacher."

Corporate Yoga Classes

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