Let it be…






On Fiyah




Holding on

No more


Free as a bird

Reckless abandon

Kissing trees

Hugging please

I have a choice

So do you

You want it more?

I do too.


See you on the flip side

Where dancing happens now

All around the world

Instruction comes from somehow

Somehow we go around

Institutionalizing our styles

Let it be free


Let it be Wild


…and then she got up to dance!

imagesThe downward pulse of the Merengue song that pumped out of the amplifier filled the yellowish community room of the senior citizen’s center on the east side of Buffalo.

I was introducing the participants to the Merengue dance from The Dominican Republic.  None had ever heard of it before.

As “A Beber” began to play, an urban Merengue with a powerful down beat by Don Miguel featuring Moreno Negron, I began to clap and asked the participants to clap with me.  With my back to the center of the circle, suddenly I heard a roar of voices and clapping.

I turned around to see a 96 year old woman up in the center of the circle dancing her heart out.

Step step, step step, she went, alternating two times in a row on each foot.

And then her hips began to move.

Faces agape with smiles and laughter, everyone cheered her on as she moved around the circle, lifting up her velour brown shirt at it’s hem and dancing with it as if it were a long, billowing skirt.

She’d stop and roll her hips in a circle and look tantalizingly at one of the surprised participants sitting in the circle.  Then she’d move on.

The movements I saw were well calculated: hip rolls, foot stomps, ticks (moving the hips around in a sharp manner from side, to front to other side to back), and gyrations.  I was completely in awe and filled with joy and questioning.

How did she learn how to dance like this?

What was the significance of reaching for the bottom of her shirt and dancing with it as if she were swishing a long skirt from side to side to show her feet?

And the hip rolls!  How did she learn to do that?  Was that “ok” in her day and age?

I’m so curious.

After a few more moments, she was tired and the activities director showed her to a seat.  A  paper cup full of water was quickly ushered over and the dancing queen gulped it down.

“That’s enough,” she said, and we kept on dancing.

Have you spent time with an elder in your life, in your community, today?

What would you learn if you reached out to a senior citizen in your community?

You never know what magic lies just below the surface.

Share your comments below!   I want to know :)

And pass this along to a friend who may find it interesting too!

InJoy your day!




p.s. I wrote a blog about the benefits of working with elders here.  It’s life changing, I tell ya!

Join me for the 10 Day Fall Renewal Detox!

Banner for Fall Renewal detox1I want to tell you about a very special program I’m featured in that starts next Monday, October 13th!

The Fall Renewal 10 Day Detox is a powerful whole foods-based cleanse that will get you on track to have an amazing fall season and help you establish healthy habits for life.

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I totally get how it feels when you’re stressed and your diet starts to get a little out of control. And I know you’ll feel so much more at peace when you have a system in place that makes being healthy easy!

My friend Lisa Consiglio Ryan of Whole Health Designs has created this AMAZING 10 day virtual detox to help you not only lose weight (if that’s a goal you have) but also get energized and GLOW from the inside out!

On Day 4 of the cleanse, I’m offering a 28 minute video with a Chakra Dance Tune Up and Sensual Body Movement for Women I’d LOVE to share it with you!

So what are you waiting for?!

Claim your health and vibrancy and SIGN UP TODAY!

Owning Pink Blog: Never Give Up And The Story Of A Miracle Plant

Miracle plantI invite you today to check out the guest blog I just wrote for Owning Pink: Never Give Up and the Story of a Miracle Plant.

This is a really important blog post for me and is more like a short story than just a regular blog. You’ll read all about my journey with a very special plant in my life and how this ‘miracle plant’ has reflected myself back to me.

Through the experience I share in this blog post, I’ve learned something very special: never give up. On love, on me, on anything. Always believe. Because there are far more, greater things happening below the surface of my life, and all of life, than my small, human mind can sometimes perceive.

Now that I’ve piqued your curiosity ;)… please take a few moments and read The Story of A Miracle Plant!

CLICK HERE to read and leave your thoughts in the comments section below the blog.

Make sure you read all the way to the end because I have some questions for you. I intend for this story to impact you and for you to gain insight into your own journey through it.

Share this blog with three friends who may find it inspirational too. Thanks for reading!


Buffalo Indie Weddings – Bridal Show & Wedding Marketplace!

Buffalo Indie Weddings - Bridal ShowLadies, I’m so excited to be participating in Buffalo Indie Weddings’

Bridal Show & Wedding Marketplace

WHEN: Sunday, October 5th

TIME: 2:00pm – 6:00pm

WHERE: Asbury Hall

341 Delaware Ave.

Buffalo, NY 14202

Tickets are $10 presale and $15 at the door. Find out more details and purchase your ticket HERE.

I currently have 10 discounted (50% off) tickets available.

Simply email me at sarah@sarahhaykel.com that you want to sign up for my Sensual Body Movement email list, and a discounted ticket is YOURS!

At this very unique event, I’ll be providing information on these offerings:

  • Unique bachelorette parties featuring The Sensual Body Movement for Women
  • Partner dance instruction for couples
  • Group dance lessons for wedding parties
  • Relationship coaching

You’ll even have a chance to win a Free, One Hour, Private Dance Lesson for a Soon-to-be Wedded Couple!

AND I’m holding a special contest:

Simply get a picture of yourself dancing with me at my table and post it to your Twitter or Facebook account. Tweet @salsaforthesoul on Twitter or like my Sarah Haykel Dancing and Life Coaching page and post the photo to the page and you’ll win a FREE Sensual Body Movement class.

How does it get any better?!

I can’t wait to see you at this totally fun event in support of local businesses, talents, and artisans!



A FREE Night of Sensual Body Movement and a Special Q&A

Sarah hugging self

Ladies, Join Me!

A FREE night of Sensual Body Movement with Sarah and a special Q&A to follow…

WHEN: Thursday, October 16th

TIME: 7:30pm

WHERE: Configuration Dance Theater

230 Lexington Ave. Buffalo 14222

You MUST RSVP to the FREE CLASS and Q&A by clicking HERE to get your FREE ticket so we know who’s coming!

Have you been interested in the Sensual Body Movement but haven’t gotten to try out a class yet? Now’s your chance with this FREE class!

Then, during the Q&A you’ll get to share more of what you’d like to see me offer and I get to answer your questions about upcoming programs like the new workshop below:

Love Yourself, Trust Yourself ~ for Women,

a workshop carefully designed to support you in learning to love all of yourself and to trust and listen to your intuition and what I call “Inner Guidance System” through greater body awareness, movement, and self-love and pleasuring techniques.

Share this event with a good girlfriend who’d be totally into this.

I am so excited to see you, connect, and find out how we can co-create the most awesome, fulfilling, rewarding workshops & events possible to help you deepen your self-love and self-trust and more!


New LIVE, in-person Women’s Sensual Body Movement Class Session!

SBM Poster Purple Red

Something that's missing in our culture

About the Sensual Body Movement Class for Women, Jen says:

"It's the missing piece of my femininity.  This is something that's missing in our culture.  And the best part about it is that it's ongoing.  I can keep taking the class!"

Jennifer Russo

Hey Radiant Goddess You Be (yes, I’m talking to YOU!),

I want you to take a moment to reflect on how you be in the world.

How do you move, respond, flow through your daily experience?

Are you seeking to feel and embody more pleasure than you’re currently experiencing?

How often do you feel ecstatic, sensual, deeply connected to your femininity?

You deserve to feel pleasure daily and to know how to access it even when you’re by yourself. Sometimes that’s the best time to really tap into your sexuality, sensuality, and reclaim your feminine essence which is so nurturing to you and everyone around you!

So to support you in doing this and MORE, I invite you to join me for our upcoming

Sensual Body Movement for Women class session!

Get in touch with your sacred center through Sensual Body Movement and learn how to EMBODY the Queen and Goddess you already are!

What’s possible in your work, relationships (with self and others), play, and rest when you are deeply connected to and embodying your sensuality in a healthy and vibrant way?

Take a moment to imagine the endless possibilities!

Don’t be intimidated if you’re unfamiliar with this kind of exploration.

Beginners are welcomed and encouraged to join us. Trust me, this is a safe space for you to open up, connect with others, and most of all connect with yourself!

So, LADIES, get ready to…

Re-Claim your Sexuality

Embrace your Divine Femininity

Express your Sensuality

Sensual Body Movement for Women

 The details:

Sensual Body Movement for Women with Salsa Sarah

Here are the dates listed below:

Mondays October 20th – November 24th Sensual Body Movement for Women Class $120:

Please join us, taking enrollment now!  

Advanced registration highly recommended!

October 20th – November 24th

  • 7:00 – 8:30pm

Buy Now Button

  • Chair and WALL dancing
  • “The Walk of Femininity”
  • Samba from Brazil and Booty rolls
  • Free-form movement to music that spans the globe
  • Body isolations and how to move your body in ways that feel sensual, connected and good to you
  • Techniques in Body Centered Awareness: embodying yourself with breath as you move
  • Stretching, warm ups and cool downs
  • Meditation and intention-setting

Buy Now Button

  • 6 week sessions that build progressively each class
  • TO CONFIRM YOUR SPOT Click here to pay in full!
  • Cash payments are made in full at the first class of each session
  • Class passes are non-refundable and can be used for the session you signed up for or for the next 6 week session to follow.  After two sessions, they are null and void.
  • Classes start promptly at times listed above
  • Location: Configuration Dance Theater, 230 Lexington Ave, Buffalo, NY 14222.  Entrance on the Ashland side of the building.
  • Please bring a clean pair of smooth soled shoes to dance in and/or a comfortable pair of socks.  (No black or dark brown soled shoes with rubber bottoms that could scuff the floor.)
  • Wear comfortable clothing

Enrollment Open for our NEW Fall Session of Partner Dance Classes (Singles Welcome)

Sarah Haykel Salsa Dance Classes

Something we will use for life...

"Hi Sarah, Alyshia and I just want to say thank you so much for teaching us how to salsa. You taught us something that we will use for life! Here is a piece of our breakout salsa dance at our wedding... our first dance as a married couple:"


Frankie Rodriguez, student

Celebrate FALL with Salsa Sarah

and Salsa for the Soul!

Starting TUESDAY, October 21st, join us for our NEXT

6 Week Salsa Dancing Session!

We’re focusing on a syllabus style teaching method introduced by Edie “The Salsa Freak!!”, where moves build on each other. We won’t be learning crazy combinations you won’t remember, but teaching you moves that are fun for the leader and the follower!

See below for all the details:

Fall Salsa Classes with Salsa Sarah: 6 Week Session

Tuesdays October 21st – November 25th

**Our Intermediate classes are canceled until further notice**

6 Week Beginner Salsa Class $85:

***Please note the LATEST time change***

  • 7:30pm – 8:30pm

Basic footwork, turns, styling and partner work PLUS the MUST KNOWS of how to dance successfully with a partner!

Buy Now Button

Details about Salsa for the Soul Classes:

  • 6 week sessions that build progressively each class
  • Payments made in full on line or at the first class of each session, no refunds.  In person, cash please
  • Classes start promptly at times listed above
  • Location: Configuration Dance Theater, 230 Lexington Ave, Buffalo, NY 14222. Entrance on the Ashland side of the building.
  • Singles welcome as we rotate partners
  • Please bring a clean pair of smooth soled shoes to dance in and/or a comfortable pair of socks. (No black or dark brown soled shoes with rubber bottoms that could scuff the floor.)
  • Wear comfortable clothing
  • PRE-REGISTER by clicking the “Buy Now” button on this page!

Space Limited-Register TODAY!

Buy Now Button

Salsa for the Soul Classes focus on teaching you how to:

  • Move with fluidity and grace
  • Feel confident dancing with different partners
  • Find and Feel the rhythm of Latin music
  • Dance in time with the music
  • Lead and follow with great technique so you can dance with anyone around the world!
  • Move your body in the style of Latin dancing
  • Solo with shines and fancy footwork during song breaks
  • Turn properly and with good technique
  • Feel your body and connect with your body so you feel good while dancing
  • Enjoy the feeling, rhythm and timing of Latin dancing
  • Have fun while dancing within yourself, with your partner and the world around you
  • I also encourage you to become a part of our Facebook community, a space where you will have access to interviews and posts about amazing Latin dance teachers and be able to connect with fellow salsa dancers. Click here to like my Salsa for the Soul Facebook page and get connected!

More Info:

We teach L.A. on1 style of salsa dancing, Cuban style, and N.Y. Mambo on2 shines, which add more flare and flavor to your social dancing.

Singles welcome, partners rotate during class.

Before taking the Intermediate level class, you must take one Beginner session or more with Salsa for the Soul (handled on a case by case basis).

Couples welcome who want to dance with each other solely.



seasonal renewal banner only-1

I am so excited!! My dear friend and co-leader of the Seasonal Renewal Retreat, Jen, is birthing her baby right now and she won’t be able to join us Saturday.

We’re still going to meet and have the retreat because the seasons are such a powerful time for renewal and rejuvenation, and I know we’ll all benefit from this experience.

We’re adjusting the workshop format and the price because Jen is not going to be present, and we want it to work for you.

See below for the changes in length, pricing, and what we’ll be offering at this workshop:

Seasonal Renewal for Women

WHEN: Saturday, September 20, 2014 

TIME: 10am to 12:30pm

WHERE: SolRise, 226 East Utica Ave, Buffalo 14208


Group size is limited to 14 women, so sign up now!

Pay with PayPal:

Buy Now Button


  • Sliding scale is available (email me at sarah@sarahhaykel.com to inquire)
  • Payments are non-refundable

To all the ladies who attended last time, you know what a powerful and magical experience this is. It gets the new season off to an amazing start.

We all know that change is constant in our fast paced world. The change of seasons is also a powerful time of personal transition.  We believe it’s so wise to take some time for yourself to rejuvenate, ground and set intentions during this time of year.

It is our goal to create a community of women who practice ways of sustaining balance and health. Autumn is a time of final harvest, brilliant changes in nature, cooler, windy weather and a preparation for drawing inward.

Come together as women to use hatha yoga to center and ground the body/mind, sensual body movement to merge with your divine feminine intuition and the Chakra Dance Tune Up to energetically cleanse yourself.

We will also be talking about the healthy practice of oilating the body for the fall.

We culminate with rest, meditation and reflection to set the tone for the next three months.

Sarah Haykel The Sensual Body MovementThis workshop is facilitated by Sarah Haykel, dance facilitator since 2000, yoga teacher and certified professional life coach. 


We are so excited to see you at this transformative and connective event!