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Juicy Goodness Tip #1: Becoming Present Meditation


Juicy Goodness Tip #1: Becoming Present Meditation

I’m thrilled to share with all of you our first EVER Juicy Goodness Tip of the Month, designed to help you get more centered, present, joyful, and energized in your body and your life!

I invite you to use this tip as a guide throughout your month to be on the track of living your best life.

Our first tip introduces my simple and effective Becoming Present in the Moment Meditation, an easy practice you can do in just 30 seconds to a minute!

Once you’ve watched the video, I invite you to share your feelings in the comments below.

How did this practice affect you? How do you see it fitting into your existing life and routines?

And stay tuned for more Juicy Goodness Tips, coming every month just for you!


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